My Babies Feeties

My Babies Feeties
Thirty Tiny Toes

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's with the name?

I've been asked about my blog name.

Tre Libellule means Three Dragonflies in Italian.

That is what I see my babies as now.


When I finally came home from the hospital and stepped out of the car, I saw or I thought I saw dragonflies diving and soaring around the garden. I might have just been imagining things. I don't know. You don't often find dragonflies in January even if you live in an area with very mild winters like I do.

Since then, I have thought of my babies as tiny dragonflies. Beautiful. Delicate. Graceful.

I learned since then that a lot of different cultures have similar thoughts about dragonflies. Some feel like they are the souls of departed children. Others just see them as a representation of the fragility of life.

I now have a small collection of dragonfly things I keep around my house in memory of the boys. I have some pieces of jewelry as well.

Some online friends chipped in and gave me a blue topaz dragonfly pendant. The blue topaz is the birthstone for December, the month that I lost my babies.

My things are not all that elaborate. I like that I can look at something as mundane as my purse hook next to the front door and see three dragonflies.

I look above my kitchen sink at a wind chime I found at a craft store that just so happened to have three blue dragonflies as part of the design.

My husband found me a suncatcher that has three dragonflies darting above a pond of waterlilies.

These symbols are subtle and if you didn't know what they meant to me, you wouldn't imagine them to be a memorial to my lost children. I can maintain a certain amount of privacy regarding my grief.

I like that.

In my next post I will show some pictures of my dragonfly collection

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