My Babies Feeties

My Babies Feeties
Thirty Tiny Toes

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've thought about this for a while now...

I started a blog when I was pregnant with my sons. The purpose of it was to be a place where I could keep my family and friends updated on the crazy journey that was my pregnancy. I called it, "Kellie and the Belly Dwellers." Catchy, no?
When the babies died, one of the first things my husband did in his grief was shut down the blog.
I wish he hadn't. I had some thoughts on there from when I was still filled with the wonder and joy of carrying life.
I can't go back now.
The first few posts will be a bit disjointed as I am almost two years out from my loss. It will be two years on December 30th since I last held my babies in my body or in my arms.
I promise that I will tell the story of the three little dragonflies. Tre libellule.

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  1. Thinking of you and your gorgeous babies like always <3 <3